Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bush's side of the story-

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Dec 27, 11  ·  edit

4 of 5 stars

He tells a great complicated story, but like all Presidents gets his chance through this media to tell the story his way, with his slant, his take on history. While I was reading I watched documentaries and read extensively the take others had on the events of his presidency and I often stopped to reflect on opposing viewpoints- such as he economic theories advanced by Millard Friedman of Chicago University ( Shock Doctrine) and the marriage of big gov't and business interests.
In many sections I was very moved and convinced of his sincerety of the interests of all Americans, but after reading so much supplementary material I am left fundamentally skepical. I am following up now with Cheney's " In my Time"
Nonetheless, this is a good read.

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